Get Away to South Dakota Today!

Escaping the Coronavirus Status Quo isn’t easy but I’m hell bent on trying. Turns out on our current trip to the welcoming state of South Dakota, we’re not alone. In fact far from it. People experiencing the great outdoors surround us, most wearing masks and considerate of personal space. I’m glad I’m here and even happier 😌 I chose South Dakota as the destination.

This little yellow RV7 blasted us to Rapid City, South Dakota Sunday into a headwind but still averaging 137 knots. A couple of important facts if you’re new to KRAP (no comparison to CRAP). If you’re on a budget you can skip the FBO, WestJet, and taxi directly to the far north end of the field. That’s where you’ll find self service, much cheaper fuel, free tie down spaces (bring your own) and an open, free, FBO-like unattended facility called Rapid Fuel. There’s a lounge, rest rooms, soda machine and phone numbers for rental car companies  on the field.  Do not call Hertz, the one with a contract with WestJet NOT to pick you up! Either way, it’s only a one mile hike so you can do it.

The nice guys at L& D Aero had their door open and with this pretty bird inside, I had to take a look. It’s not often you see an all metal, wings and all, Stinson Voyoger 108-2 patiently waiting it’s turn. What a treat!

Don’t visit this big State without visiting the Badlands.

I can’t get enough of incredible views!

It’s not all dry and desert though. Amazingly, there’s also sunflower fields in abundance around the bend.

The famous Wall Drugs, 5 cent coffee and FREE ICE WATER still await you.

Unfortunately, their world famous cake donuts were calling my name!

Buffalo sightings guaranteed at the Badlands.

And prairie dogs seem to be taking over the park. There were so many I had find out if the locals eat ’em. Yes they do!

I dare you to try it yourself. Tastes like chicken!

Custer State State Park is nearby.  Don’t expect any services if you land at their airport though. With no FBO, fuel or rental cars you could be stuck.

The Needles Tunnel in Custer State Park is appropriately named.

Mt. Rushmore was busy busy today and we happily followed the entergetic crowd around the .6 mile Presidents Walking loop. Thank heaven I read a blog post about Visiting Mt Rushmore before arriving. There’s a secret most don’t know that can change your entire experience there.

Start the walking trail walking clockwise and you’ll return to the start a happy tourist. Start your walking tour counter clockwise and you’ll climb over 400 steep steps, plus a few gentle inclines to reach the starting point. I passed more than a few crying kids and pooped out people along the way.

Ok, gotta go. It’s dinnertime and I’m on the hunt for one of these. I passed up the chance to buy a bottle at Wall Drugs yesterday – and regretted it ever since!



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