Gettin’ my ride ready for the LLT fly-in!

New paint job on my spinner!

I’ve been dreaming about a new spinner for my Rans S7 for months and I can’t tell you how excited I am about finally getting the job done! Boyd and I have way more hours invested in planning, sanding, taping, more taping, and painting than I ever dreamed possible.

Oh, so cool!

It still needs a little work but it turned out pretty darn cool.

Opened the hangar door tonight for the unveiling. Not a soul around to admire it! (:

My “vanilla” spinner was painted perfectly but seemed like such a waste of space – it need a little pzazz! But it wasn’t just the spinner that needed attention, the top and bottom cowl had seen better days and were in desperate need of a touch up.

Wow, it's amazing what a fresh paint job can do!

Painting the spinner came in 3 steps…

"Periwinkle blue" all over to match the trim on the Rans for the first color coat. No taping yet.

Then we taped it and sprayed the white. Sorry, no picture though.

And the last color sprayed was the yellow.

It had to dry overnight which was a painfully long time to wait to see what it would look like!

But 24 hours later I was as happy as I could be screwing it to the mount and finally getting to stand back and admire it!

I’m in love!


There are a few spots that need some dry sanding but for the most part it’s done. Of course, the hangar’s a wreck since we’ve been almost living in it for a week – probably time to vacuum (i.e. take the leaf blower to it again). Love my hangar gas grill! It’s been grilled brats and turkey burgers all week, lots of peanuts, Frito’s and diet cokes! Rule of thumb…. if you’re in a hangar, all junk food is legal. Diet when you’re home!

Saturday's almost here and I guarantee you, I'm flying and showing this baby off!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 16:51h, 07 May Reply

    I can’t wait to see it live!

  • Anne Wright
    Posted at 08:21h, 04 May Reply

    Your Rans is looking great, Judy! Can’t wait to see it in person! And around here, it’s not “junk” food, it’s “hangar” food, so it’s legit. No diets allowed at the airport.

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