Giacinta Bradley Koontz (California)

Giacinta Bradley Koontz (Bakersfield Meadows, California)

Photo: Commemorative Air Mail flight from San Diego to Seattle

I’ve been an aviation historian and author for over 20 years and am a close friend of Miriam Orr Seymour who authored the “Around the Rim Flight”. The “Pilota” cigar label is of Harriet Quimby, our original taildragger pilot of 1911-1912.

Following Judy and Boyd’s perimeter flight with great interest. I am especially interested in aircraft mechanics. My photo included here was taken on Monday, May 14th, 2018 at Bakersfield (Meadows) Airport, CA during the commemorative Air Mail flights from San Diego to Seattle. I am to the left holding the official Air Mail bag with Lisa Harmacinski. My web site is:

I’ve taken flying lessons but never soloed. I Love taildraggers! For over 25 years I have bummed rides all over the US, Mexico and Europe – and love back country flying.

Dream taildragger: I like Stearmans but my “big” taildragger love is a DC3

Thoughts on taildragging: They look like an airplane should look!

Stearman, Speedmail

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