Ginger Home Cubellis (Indiana)

Ginger Home Cubellis is based at I72, Westfield Airport, Westfield, Indiana.

A Happy Me

I’m a “mature” female, started flying in the early 80s while living in Atlanta. As a single mother of two in a “man’s job,” learning to fly was therapy for me. Focusing on a good preflight and flying took my mind off work. Got pvt. license and instrument rating while flying out of Peachtree-DeKalb Airport. Loved the controlled field where they would help me if I was having trouble locating the airport. A sense of direction is something that is seriously lacking in me — I got my rating partly so I could have someone telling me when and where to turn.

Lived in Evansville for a number of years and would fly self and son to Rome, GA, where my parents lived. While I was living and working in Evansville, my being a female pilot actually got me through customs into Canada. I’d forgotten my passport and the Canadian female customs inspector, who was not happy with me, asked what other ID I had. I was throwing out everything — driver’s license, credit cards, library card, you name it. Nothing worked and she was all set to refuse me entrance to Canada. But then … I pulled out my pilot’s license, she gasped, “You’re a pilot? I’m a student pilot!,” and she started stamping whatever to let me into her country. While on business trips, have flown around PIke’s Peak, in Hawaii (after check-ride) and in Greenland (with instructor on board). Also talked my way into the Delta Flight Training Center in Atlanta and had the chance to fly their 747 simulator. What a kick that was! Moved to Indianapolis in 1994 and fell out of flying. No one to fly with; no reason to fly somewhere. Got back into flying this past year when met a pilot who encouraged me to get back in the air. Tried a 172, a 152 and a 162 light sport. Expensive AND I hated the glass cockpits. I just wanted airspeed, altimeter, slip and turn … the basics. When I told the pilot who’d encouraged me to get back into flying that I just didn’t like the complexity of the planes I’d been in, he suggested learning to fly a tailwheel plane and gave me the information about the Indiana Pilots Club and the name of a super instructor. Was hooked.

I fly out of Westfield airport and try to fly at least once a week. Happily, my husband of just 9 years (I was single for 30 years. Getting remarried was one big adjustment!) has been very supportive of my flying. He was there for my first solo in the Champ I rent at Westfield and has flown with me to see our house from the air. Flying is my own hobby but we share another hobby: doing agility trials with our mini poodle, Beau.

Ratings: Pvt. pilot, SE, land; Instrument; tailwheel endorsement

Aircraft flown: C152, 150, 172, 182 RG, Tomahawk, Luscombe, Maule, Aeronca Champ, Aeronca Chief.

Dream Taildragger: One that’s always available for me and free to rent! Oh, electric starter is a must.

Thoughts on taildragging: I love planes in general and like the extra challenge of managing a taildragger on the ground.

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