Nosy about an airport you’re thinking of visiting? Have I got a link for you!

We all have a favorite website to quickly grab information about airports we’re thinking of visiting. “the pilot’s window into a world of aviation information: Airports, Navaids, Fixes, Aviation Fuel, etc.” is an old standby of mine. It’s never let me down and I really don’t have any complaints about it. But, I recently came across an awesome site that has turned AirNav into my standby web destination.

If you’re not already using it, you may want to check out   The link will take you straight to their “Airport Resource Center” and circumvent options for “Aircraft for Sale” & “Aviation Directory” – pages you just may be interested in too.

One of the coolest plugins I’ve seen is their “Lowest Current 100LL Fuel Prices”, a scrolling window constantly updating itself with the lowest prices nationally. Who knew fuel is available right now, today, in the U.S. for $3.54 a gallon? Yep, Hyannis NE. I love this thing!

Welcome to Max-Trax, the world’s first and only aircraft fuel route-mapping system. Developed by, Max-Trax is an easy and efficient way to improve your aircraft fuel efficiency. By providing a tool that tracks and continually updates aircraft fuel prices, it will help you save time and money each time you use it, regardless of whether you’re dispatching a single aircraft or an entire fleet of aircraft.


Lowest 100LL Fuel Prices
Hyannis, NE 1V2 INDEPENDENT $3.54 SS
Pine Knot, KY 18I INDEPENDENT $3.79 SS
Okmulgee, OK OKM PHILLIPS66 $4.09 FS
Henderson, TX RFI AVFUEL $4.39 SS
Mansfield, LA 3F3 AVFUEL $4.50 SS
Clewiston, FL 2IS CHEVRON $4.51 SS
Sherman, TX SWI EPIC $4.55 SS
Quitman, MS 23M INDEPENDENT $4.55 SS
La Belle, FL X14 CHEVRON $4.57 SS

Of course, you can track fuel prices along your route of flight or a single destination, but either way, this little gizmo will turn you green with envy.

Once you enter an airport ID you’re taken to info about the airport similar to what you’d find on AirNav …. plus weather in every shape and form you like to see it. You’ll find Summaries for Runways, Communication, Terminal Procedures, Navaids, and a Kneeboard summary….and info about any FBOs & Nearest Airports.


AirNav vs GlobalAir:

  • GlobalAir’s airport directory is laid out in a way that allows you to see all the airport information on one page without having to scroll a mile like on Airnav.

  • GlobalAir also includes weather for each airport, no weather information on Airnav.

  • On GlobalAir you can also view the navaids on the same page without having to research as you do on Airnav.

In the end, I’m looking for a one stop shop that’s easy to use. GlobalAir comes close to filling the bill and for me is a great option.

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