Gone flying!


I need to fly somewhere….anywhere…. really bad. I’ve been playing with the idea of a solo cross-country for a while just waiting for the right time to happen. Right now, my Rans S7 is fueled up, windows cleaned and packed with my stuff. I will soon be on my way!

So where am I going? People who fly heavier airplanes than light sport might just pick a spot and head that direction. Not so when you’re flying a 690 pound empty weight taildragger. Ya gotta be flexible! And flexible I’ve become planning this adventure because extreme heat, gusty winds and weather have all manipulated my direction of flight. Luckily we live in a great big country with endless destination possibilities. I’m taking a few days off work to see what I can find and hope to make it from KMQJ to the Beaumont Hotel & Airport, 07S, Beaumont, Kansas my first day. Looking forward to hours of fun flying the next few days!!

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