Grass-roots flying at its best!

Hi, Judy! Your great post about the end of summer (and your young lady co-pilot!) reminded me to send the blog some farewell-to-summer shots.

Instructor Elaine Kauh & Myron who restored his dad’s 7AC Champ

Grass-roots flying at its best! September gave us the longest stretch of nice, dry weather we’ve had in Wisconsin all summer! Temps topped out at 75 degrees, with light winds and day after day of sunshine. The fall colors are just starting to show. The snow can fly as early as Halloween up here, so we enjoy the green turf for as long as we can.

Back taxi along the corn in the Champ

I just completed a few hours of recurrent taildragger instruction for a pilot who had fixed up his dad’s Aeronca 7AC Champ. I used to fly a similar Champ several years ago, so it was a joy to get re-acquainted with this fun little taildragger. It lives at Stoughton Airport, a private grass strip just outside Madison, WI.

Champ flying!

We took a short flight in mid-September to Brodhead Airport for the Midwest Antique Aircraft fly-in. Taildragger heaven! Three grass runways nestled in among the tall corn and trees, and pilots camping under their wings.

Downwind @ C37 Brodhead

For anyone traveling through WI or going to Airventure in Oshkosh, Brodhead is a stop to keep in mind – they have lots of events for taildraggers all summer.

Lots of Wacos!

Happy Fall Flying!
Elaine Kauh

  • Vanessa Nelson
    Posted at 02:13h, 01 October Reply

    Thanks for these photos and sharing of your summer adventures! I can’t believe it’s been months since we got together & had lunch in Wisconsin, but I haven’t forgotten your graciousness and that we met through this website and Judy was the source that put us together. I’ve been flying a lot since my visit, which impressed me with the mounds of snow on the ground in Wisconsin. Fall is setting in here, but please seriously consider coming to Oregon next year to sample some of our grass strip flying as well!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:27h, 28 September Reply

    Cool! I had a champ with final tail numbers ‘614’. It was green. I better look back through my albums. I don’t know whatever happened to it.

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