Grass Roots Tailwheel Training now available at Columbus, OH

CFII Christine Mortine

I have great news for anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area anxious to get a tailwheel endorsement or time in a Cessna 140. LLT member Christine Mortine is now offering instruction in her beautiful C140 “Bluebird” and she’s anxious to spread the word.

Christine is based at KOSU and offers Tailwheel training using multiple local grass strips. Often an endorsement is bundled with a biannual flight review. Christine is a CFI, CFII, MEI and DPE who often hits the strips in her C185 “Songbird” from the Outer Banks to California!


Christine Mortine and her C140

Please visit for more about Christine and flight instruction.

Email Christine Mortine at Cbechris at

As the Ohio liaison for the RAF (Recreational Aviation Foundation) Christine is a bush pilot at heart and loves to fly the back-country across the U.S.


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