Greatest day at OSH!

Kate and I started our last full day at OSH by bumping into one lady taildragger pilot after another. Right off the bat we ran into Fat Cub flyer Wendy and her Supercub buddies.
Yea, ISU Aviation student Kaleigh Bordner is here for the week! It’s not all play though, she’s here earning university credit and is one busy girl.

The Friday LLT lunch group was a much smaller crowd than Tuesday -make that small but mighty!!

We are one fun group – just try to top our stories. ;). FYI, Kelly Jeffries was one of our LLT Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship judges and was so in awe of our amazing applicants, she wrote a poem about them. Thank you to our unofficial poet Laureate for reciting her oh so cool poem.

It was a great lunch but the best part of today was yet to come. John Magoffin, owner of the only flying Lockheed Vega, invited our LLT ladies over for an up-close look at his incredible flying machine, NC12288.

See, touch and dream!


It was an awesome experience climbing inside the cabin of this rare aircraft, squeezing down the tiny 6 seat isle and maneuvering into the tight, single seat cockpit.


Many thanks to John Magoffin for making several LLT ladies very happy, myself at the top of the list!


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