Gwen White (Alaska)

Gwen White, previously of Willow, Alaska, currently residing in NY.

Gwen White from summer 2010

We moved to Alaska in the 90’s. I fell in love with the Supercub so we bought one. I received my license in 1997. I love the taildragger. It is the only aircraft I enjoy flying. It makes flying more challenging.

I love flying in Alaska, the country is amazing and there is plenty to see. We have our Supercub on wheels, floats and now wheel skies. So we enjoy it in all the seasons. God has truly blessed me.


Wow, I love your site. I can’t believe I am just finding it. I love seeing all the pictures. Awesome website. Really enjoy it. It is nice to know there are women who love the Taildragger like I do.

God Bless,
Gwen White

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