Gwen White & the Beaver

Hi everyone. Gwen White from Alaska recently sent me a very nice email saying how much she’s enjoying our blog and told me a little about her father and her life in Alaska. I’m inspired by her beautiful words about flying her Super Cub and what she had to say about her dad who is a WWII hero. I have Gwen’s permission to post her note – and she even sent me a picture of the Beaver she mentions! Thanks, Gwen!

My Dad was a WWII pilot. He flew the P47, he was a dive bomber. Never knew much about him till just a couple of years ago. The Pentagon has been honoring him with lunch every month. The Smithsonian is writing a book on WWII Pilot’s memories. His stories are amazing and frightening. He was shot down and escaped by under ground. Made it back to the states and then started training pilots. Pretty amazing. I give him the credit for my flying ability.

Gwen & the Beaver

“We run an Air Service in Alaska, which keeps me very busy. It has been one fine adventure but stressful. I love aviation. We also have a De Havilland Beaver which comes in a very close second after the Cub. Just co-pilot time, could never really justify the expense for pleasure.

I truly have been blessed to enjoy the open skies, the smooth air and the glory of being in the clouds closer to heaven. I really enjoy your web site and thank you for bring us all together. I hope someday we will meet.

God Bless and peaceful skies,

Link to Gwen White’s Pilot Profile

  • Gwen White
    Posted at 12:47h, 04 March Reply

    Hi Susan;
    I call the Beaver the, “Harley in the Sky”. If anyone could have a love affair with an aircraft the Beaver is the one. I love watching and listening as it takes off, especially off water, it is truly a beauty. It is only on floats now – not enough flying for it in the winter anymore – cold weather is really hard on it – so it is kept nice and warm tucked away in our hanger till spring.
    My Dad’s name is Charles E. Hunter Jr. Esquire,
    63 Squadron, 56 group. They were based out of Hailsworth, England. He lost 3 of his best friends who were fighter pilots in his group which was very hard on him. Our men give a part of there soul to war. God Bless our soldiers.
    Thanks for writing. May the Lord bless us and keep us safe.

  • Susan
    Posted at 09:48h, 04 March Reply


    Beautiful plane!! Welcome to LLT! Curious what your Dad’s name is? I’d love to see if “Lil Herbie” knew him. I think you can read the story about little Herbie on my page…at least I think that’s where Judy put it!

    Hope to see you in the lower 48 sometime soon!


  • Posted at 13:32h, 03 March Reply

    What a great shot!

    • Gwen White
      Posted at 13:16h, 04 March Reply

      It sure is a beauty. Just love that plane. I think the wings and the long tail give it such character. Beautifully built aircraft, one of a kind and hard to replace. We call it the “work horse of aviation”. Thanks and happy skies to you. Gwen

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