Happy Halloween! 5 Airports/10 Days Flying Challenge Pictures

dan-wilkins-halloween-2You did it!

Many of you accepted Dan Wilkins’ challenge to fly to 5 airports in 10 days – The “5 Airports/10 Days Halloween Flying Challenge!

Dan’s black & orange Waco UPF-7 is streaking through the skies of Pennsylvania this Halloween day. It’s time to see pictures of the fun flying Dan inspired us to do!

We’ll start with Dan Wilkins’ who is certainly in the Halloween spirit! BEST SELFIE!

Tina Thomas, Poplar Grove, Illinois

Karen Ewart, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Here’s my entry – I wasn’t in a taildragger when I took these, but I had a great time flying.
Sunday, 10/23, I visited 6 airports including home base, but missed taking one photo. I flew my C182 from home base at Fayetteville, NC (KFAY) to Monroe, NC (KEQY) to meet a friend, where we took his Cardinal to the mountains with stops at Jackson County (24A) Macon County (1A5) and Western Carolina Regional/Anderson (KRHP).  We then headed to Donaldson (KGYH), southwest of Greenville, SC to pick up another friend who dropped off his C172 for ADS-B installation.  We delivered him home to EQY, where my C182 was waiting to take me home to FAY.  I didn’t get a photo at GYH.
My son and I made a quick dinner run to our favorite local restaurant in Carthage, NC last Wednesday night, which rounds out my airport pictures. My daughter was stuck at drivers ed that night, so she had to be satisfied with takeout bbq from PikNPig.

Julie Thomas, Memphis, Tennessee
Our whole family had a blast with the 5 Airports in 10 days Challenge! Thank you so much for getting us out in the nice weather and visiting other airports and pilots! It was a great time for us to go out and adventure together…thanks again! The men in my life went to:

Bill Simpson, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Judy Birchler challenged her LLTD’s to go land on 5 runways in the next 10 days. Well, no lady am I and I do not fly a taildragger, but we went out and did it. Airports flown, KADG Adrian MI; KUSE Waseon OH; 7W5 Henry County OH; HARR at Elmore,OH, and then KARB for our fifth. Had a great chili and hot dog feed, lots of cool airplanes and cars, nice people.

Melissa Abner, Pleasant View, Tennessee
I flew to more than 5 airports but didn’t get all pix. Here are a few….after the last airport landing a mechanic noticed my exhaust pipe vibrating more than usual. It had corroded enough he was able to twist and pull it off! Time for some muffler work on the old Tcraft!

Thanks for the “challenge”. It gave me an excuse to burn some fuel, see some people I hadn’t seen in a while, and have fun in that gorgeous sky!!

Jim Rezich, Rockford, Illinois
I am lucky to have a very practical and useful antique airplane, and try and fly as much as possible. It’s a 1940 Culver Cadet, N281W with a Continental C-90 with an electrical system and VFR radios. Most unique thing is my Dad bought THIS airplane brand new in 1940, but was only able to own it 2 years. I was able to get it back in the family several years back after its last caretaker, Larry Low passed away. He was the president of the Culver Club and owned N281W for 42 years!

Begins at KBTL on 10-19-16 while on assignment at Duncan Aviation, went home to KRFD on 10-20-16, then on 10-22-16 to KDEH after a trip up the Mississippi looking at fall colors. Stopped for breakfast at KLNR on 10-23-16, then back to work seeing a client at KPWK on 10-24-16 and to finish it off had to stop at The Grove C77 on the way home!

Kelly Jeffries, Poplar Grove, Illinois
Airports: C77 Poplar Grove, Galt 10C, Burlington, WI KBUU, Grand Geneva, WI C02

Thomas Gilman, Sacramento, California
Here are my five “airports”. They are all within about a half hour of Sacramento. Jerico is the meadow, Tracks is the gravel bar, Crazy Creek is the glider base, Clambake is the little island and fiber-optic is the ridgetop.

Dan Wilkins, Portland, Pennsylvania
Thanks to Dan Wilkins for challenging us all to do 5 airports in 10 days. Personally, I loved it and it looks like plenty of others did too. Besides the beautiful UPF-7, Dan also flies an Aeronca Champ.

Hi Judy! I knocked off 5 in 90 minutes today in the Champ (and flew a 1-26 at Beltzville).

 See Others who accepted the Challenge!!

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