Happy Turkey Day Everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My 20 lb. turkey’s roasting away, all those starchy goodies are in the works, the pumpkin pies are baked and I’m kicked back waiting on the hungry crowd to arrive. Sadly, my poor turkey wasn’t lucky enough to get this important message from Katherine…..

To all my friends from the U.S., I hope you have a blessed day relaxing and enjoying family and friends – where ever you find yourself today. Be thankful for your blessings, whether meager or abundant, and remember those that serve our country. If your mama can’t be there to tell you, then I surely will,  “Count your blessings!!”.

And try not to eat as much as I do!!



  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 10:45h, 25 November Reply

    Happy day after. Any great left over ideas? I tried a new stuffing with apples and raisins and luuuuvd it. Now I need to make lots of left over turkey stuff to send home with my boys before we hit the trail around the state of WY doing big game surveys (probably til Christmas now).

  • Judy Birchler
    Judy Birchler
    Posted at 11:38h, 24 November Reply

    Thanks Anne. We’re having a big day with the family and a few friends. Have a wonderful day yourself!

  • Anne Wright
    Posted at 11:24h, 24 November Reply

    And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you & Boyd, & the rest of your family too!

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