Harrison Ford’s ‘Wings Over The Rockies’

Me and my star spangled Decathlon!

Right now at IND, winds gusting to 45 and a good time for me and my Decathlon to be firmly planted on the ground. Oh, call me a weenie but I know when to call it a day! Best part, spare time lets me catch up on emails and watch a few forwarded videos. The best was from an anonymous sender of my buddy Harry Ford’s ‘Wings Over The Rockies’ video! (Ha, I met him one time and was so awestruck I was about to bust!) 🙂

Harrison Ford and his Beaver, snippet from ‘Wings Over The Rockies”.

Amazing and unexpected things can happen to those who come to Oshkosh!

Harrison Ford’s quote from video, “You can find a place in aviation if you look, if you want …a place for your dreams. Aviation’s a 100 years old and it’s brand new.”  Harry, you are right on and because I love you, I’m posting your fabulous video, incredible videography and all. Enjoy!

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