Heather Hodge (Arkansas)

Heather Hodge is based at KVBT, Bentonville Municipal Airport/Louise M Thaden Field, Bentonville, Arkansas.

My name is Heather Hodge and I was bitten by ‘the bug’ roughly two years ago. My family did not grow up in or near aviation thus I was exposed aviation a tad later in my life. However from the moment I took to the skies in a T6-Texan I have done everything possible to remain involved and work toward my passion and my dream to be able to fly among the clouds.

I have a love for warbirds and am a pinup model that travels, via scheduling, nationally to be near and work near these machines. I currently work alongside airshow performers, event staff, aviation companies, and vendors to aid them in their business needs while I work towards my own aviation goals.

Additionally, I am currently a college student as well working towards my business degree in hopes to one day merge my business background with aviation. I am also a single mother and hope to inspire my daughter as she is watching me chase my dreams. We are a united front, her and I, and entwined and support one another. I just hope to instill into her anything is possible with hard work. I would love to expand this and one day be able to expose even more women and children to aviation. I am looking to join aviation based groups, particularly for women to gain even more knowledge, to develop my skills, and achieve my aviation dreams.

I already am a member of your Facebook Group looking forward to being apart of the group in an official capacity.

I am currently a student pilot. I hope to get a tailwheel endorsement as soon as I can!

Personally, I have not been PIC in any aircraft. However, I have been a passenger in a Piper Super Cub, T6-Texan, and Super Stearman. I hope to be adding more to that list. My flight training will occur in a Cessna 150.

I am in LOVE with T6-Texans and Super Stearmans!!! However, I am still learning about different types of aircraft everyday. Additionally, I know affordability is also a factor.

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