Heidi Stoeppler (Montana)

Heidi Stoeppler is based at 79S, Fort Benton Airport, Fort Benton, Montana.

Heidi Stoeppler Super Decathlon

I absolutely LOVE flying! I am working on buying a small taildragger to fly around in. Mostly to get hours (I want to be a crop duster some day) but also so I can explore the country and go to all the fly-ins! I am working on getting my tailwheel endorsement, so I don’t have it yet, but SOON. I’m also a member of the 99s.

Heidi Stoeppler w instructor

I am excited to meet other lady pilots and make new friends. The Taylorcraft is the airplane I’m getting my tailwheel endorsement in, and I’m working on buying.

Heidi Stoeppler tcraft

The Super Decathlon is the airplane I took a lesson in before I moved. I’ve also flown an RV4 quite a bit with a friend of mine (I never took off or landed, but have lots of cross country time in it!) I’m working for a private company that does firefighting for the government. I drive the truck and load the single engine air tankers. I’m based in South Dakota quite a bit (where I am now), but our home base is in Fort Benton, MT.

Heidi Stoeppler fueling tcraft

Looking forward to meeting you all!
Heidi Stoeppler
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