Help get Julie to AirVenture!!!

I just discovered that Julie Vessigault won’t be at OSH because she flat-out can’t afford to get there. Julie’s the special lady that drives cross country to airshows & flyins across America, washing aircraft to pay her way.

Julie Vessigault 2016

Julie Vessigault 2016 b

Julie’s not a pilot but she LOVES taildraggers. She especially loves Warbirds. I was tickled when Julie showed up at our LadiesLoveTaildraggers Savannah, Tennessee fly-in, was a delight and even earned some bucks washing a few airplanes! 

Julie Vessigault 2016 3

Julie is helping out at Warbird Adventures in Florida right now but says “Thomas would give me the time off. I’d probably take the greyhound to OSH…”  What? Greyhound?! Yes, she doesn’t want to put too many miles on her car – she’s saving them for Reno!

Julie Vessigault Volunteer 2

Please help Julie get to OSH. I’m chipping in $200 but that’s not enough to get her from Florida to OSH, a dorm room, and back home. Anyone flying to OSH from Florida with an empty seat, please let me know.

To donate, please go to and send to Tag for Julie Vessigault. 100% of your donation will pay Julie’s expenses for OSH. And if you fly in an aircraft that needs a good washing, Julie’s your gal!


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