Help! Need a Taylorcraft Owner to Come to the Rescue!

I’m looking for a Taylorcraft owner to come to the rescue. The story is… Grandpa is 75 and has owned his Tcraft forever. His son (based at my airport in Indianapolis, KMQJ) flies a Citation and has over 10,000 hours. Following in his dad’s footsteps, 500+ hours were in his own Tcraft! Generation 3 happens and his son solos on his 16th birthday; first in dad’s Tcraft then in Grandpa’s. Awesome! This is where you come in. They want to do a 3-generation photo shoot, all flying Tcrafts. Our 10,000 hour pilot would fly yours….and you can ride right seat if you like. I’m hoping there’s a Tcraft owner out there, willing to make this happen. Please share with Taylorcraft owners and thank you!!

Take a tour of this perfect 1946 Taylorcraft airplane with host Dani Madin. Fly Safe, Fly Often!

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