High Dollar ‘Louis Vuitton’ Airplane Bag

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Louis Vuitton bag! Oh baby, for a mere $38,000 you could be the proud owner of a high dollar, high fashion, not to mention high status, Louis Vuitton travel bag.  At first glance I though it must be a joke. Are they serious? It’s not a Big Lots’ $19.95 close out special? Nope – it’s for real and part of Louis Vuitton’s 2021 MEN’S Fall/Winter fashion collection.

Gentlemen, welcome to the world of truly bizarre, fine handbags! Probably a good time to say “no-thank-you” and stick with that backpack.

So somebody please tell me what exactly it’s supposed to be. A Hercules with jet engines? A C117? Hey, I’m into airplanes as much as anyone but have to say, this is Just Plane (haha) Ugly.

Oh, the jokes are endless. “Where’s my Chapstick? Check the cockpit.”  Or, “Oh crap, forgot to put the gear down again!” Or how about “Yes, I have more money than sense!”

Of course we all know you can buy your very own airplane for $38,000. I’m guessing anyone with $38K that reads this post won’t be lining up for one of ’em.  I have a better idea. Take that wad of cash, find yourself a non-military C130 and see how far it will get you into a real C130 type rating.

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Check it out yourself at Louis Vuitton 2021 Men’s Fall Winter Collection.

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