Life doesn’t get much better than flying a taildragger on a long cross-country.

I have to tell you. Life doesn’t get much better than flying a taildragger on a long cross-country. Doesn’t matter that it’s bumpy. Doesn’t matter that there’s a 35 knot headwind. Doesn’t even matter that it’s hot as Hades and you’re having last minute thoughts about the 70 degree x 19 knot crosswind you may be setting yourself up for. Life is for living and it’s time to do it!

Lisa Kienholz and I struck out this morning, heading to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Natchitoches fly-in. We flew my Decathlon 603 n.m. with just one stop; fuel and lunch at Kennett, Missouri. With cheap fuel and 3 courtesy cars available, we weren’t going to miss an opportunity on our course line. Heck, we even showed off our calling card, our hot, sequined, red platform stilettos. And NO, they don’t actually fit!
Decisions, decisions. License plates 1, 2 or 3: courtesy car choices at Kennett, MO. We choose the Caddy for a quick lunch get away, a mere .6 miles from the airport. Heck, why walk when it’s 95 degrees?!
Lisa and I had a wonderful day flying KMQJ to KIER. Here we are at Cairo, Illinois where the Mighty Mississippi meets the Ohio River.
My taildragger pilot/passenger and I swapped off “my plane”, “your plane”, as we flew south-west bound, checking winds & weather, sightseeing and doing what we both love, seeing our breathtaking country from above.
Lisa, a Californian, was amazed to see so much “green” and the many creeks, rivers, and lakes that make up Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, (a peek into Tennessee), Kentucky, Arkansas and Louisiana.
Mostly flat and still mostly green, we crossed 6 states today.
And so it begins, the Ladies Love Taildraggers Natchitoches Fly-in – time to launch the fancy footwear! Very early arrivals – 2 Taildraggers, two lady taildragger pilots, Andrea McGilvray and her Hatz Biplane and Luscombe pilot Lisa Kienholz.
Most arrivals begin tomorrow, Thursday, October 3rd. Oh baby, how many will there be and WHO will win the Best Stilettos’ Contest?!
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