Home from Gaston’s OK18 Fly-in


Kate and I flew home from Gaston’s Airpark at Mountain Home, Arkansas yesterday. I delivered her to 3EV, Evansville, IN, then flew the last 160 miles back to Indy timing it perfectly between 2 areas of weather. Of course I indoctrinated Kate in ALL aspects of flying including the joys of refueling.


As you can see, she’s getting very comfortable around the S7!

Gastons Breakfast stop

We managed to get in lots of airport stops, all new to me, some quite challenging, and along the way expanding my comfort zone.

Gastons flying

Hills, rivers & lakes are everywhere and I kinda hated leaving it all behind for the flat lands of Indiana.

Gastons PeacockGaston’s, 3M0, is a great stop for anyone, anytime of the year, with or without a fly-in awaiting you. Stop in and you might even see this beautiful albino peacock and all its albino plumage.


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