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[notification type=”default”]Apply today for a Ladies Love Taildraggers’ 2019 Scholarship!

This year we’re offering 8 exciting scholarships; Tailwheel Endorsement scholarships and Name Your Own Advanced Training scholarships for women taildragger pilots. Applications are due by midnight February 28, 2019, PST.


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Introducing our newest LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Soft & Comfy, Ladies Fit Tshirt! 


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Our Mission

To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers!

This blog isn’t about sitting on the ground dreaming about flying. It’s about empowering women to live their dream of flying a taildragger – just for the fun of it! We introduce ladies to aviation and encourage women to join the wonderful world of conventional gear aircraft. Ladies, membership is free. Please join us!


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Featured Videos

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