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Laptop frustration

Updating the website today. My house. Thought you might like to get a sense of how my son Craig & I are spending the day.

Laptop couple

Our picture identities have been changed to protect the innocent. We have made progress but there’s much yet to be done. The single, most FRUSTRATING glitch we’ve hit so far are those little buttons at the bottom of the home page that you click on to see previous posts. They worked just fine in beta testing. We went live and they don’t work.


This was pretty much Craig’s reaction when we realized it. So frustrating because it was an ongoing problem in the previous version and we were so excited about having that function finally work.  We will figure it out though! I also JUST realized our spam blocker is not functioning. I apologize if you are getting emails or direct spam into posts with your name on them. Some of the spam seems to be getting through unapproved so need to fix that fast.

In the meantime, some other things in limbo…

– The entire site. What you see now is temporary but will keep us up and running.

– The cosmetics of the site will change; colors, fonts, layout will all be evolving.

– Every pilot profile and every post needs to have a featured image linked to it. There are 1000 of them and I’ve only added about 20 so far!

– The social interaction functions are not yet installed and will be awesome!

Thanks for your patience. Send me some!!


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