I’m at Antique Airfield!!

I’m thrilled to say I’m at Antique Airfield this morning! I was delayed in Indy yesterday but managed to rotate around 1:00 for the 4:15 hour flight. The high at Blakesburg yesterday was a sultry 102*. I arrived in time to find most everyone taking shade under one beautiful airplane or another.
I should tell you, there are lots of lady Taildragger pilots at this tiny field in south-central Iowa. Andrea, Judy, Sharon & Sparky posed pretty in front of Andrea’s drop dead gorgeous Luscombe. Andrea and her husband flew from California.
Sharon Tinkler flew her Luscombe from Tennessee.
This is my first EVER visit to Blakesburg and its astounding to see so many fabulous antique aircraft in one spot. This Porterfield sucked me in when I wondered by so I had to have my pic snapped with it.
The ladies who love taildraggers, and all women pilots, are meeting today at 5:00. We’re gathering at the Pilots Pub for Happy Hour. Please join us if you can!!!

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