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As long as I live, I will never understand people. I am completely, utterly mystified by most of them. Will somebody please explain to me how people I know, friends, co-workers, neighbors, the shoe salesman, can be so completely uninterested in flying and airplanes? I’m serious. My experience has been that when I attempt to talk about flying to non-aviators they frequently change the subject … as quickly as possible.

Bored People in Auditorium Seats

For the record, this isn’t anything new; it’s always cast a tiny shadow on my love for flying. I naively used to think “oh, they’re probably envious of my flying and think I’m bragging – I better pipe down about it.” It’s taken me years to realize they’re not envious at all, they’re honestly, totally bored by the subject.

Bored 7

Example: I have a great weekend flying, go to work and start talking about it and my co-workers’ eyes glaze over and then they change the subject. OK, I realize I’m not the only person with a life and everybody has great weekends. If you work weekdays, weekends are bound to be good. But just every once in a while you’d think somebody would chime in with “how about a ride sometime?” or “I’d like to learn to fly someday”. Unbelievably, that doesn’t happen.

Bored 3

To me, the all encompassing topic of “aviation” and every off shoot of it is interesting at a very minimum and escalates from there.I may not appreciate my friends’ reactions but I’ve at least come to terms with them. Those of us with that special “aviation” gene understand. Those without it will change the subject and never know what they missed.

Bored 4

Check out the link to an article about a mom and her teenage daughter learning to fly together. AND be sure and read the last paragraph – the inspiration for my own comments. I’ve uttered similar words to Amy’s too many times to count!

General Aviation News article by AMELIA T. REIHELD

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