Installment #6, More of the Ladies (& Gentlemen) Coming to the our Fly-in

The Lady Taildraggers & Friends Fly-in is coming up this weekend and I am packed and READY TO GO!

My Rans S7 and I are flying down early. There are thunderstorms lurking all around now but when the sky clears I'll be on my way to Tennessee!Â

So who else says they’re coming to KSHN (Savannah, TN) later this week? We’ve had quite a few guys registering the last few days and many couples will be attending. Here’s more from the Registration list….

Cathy Page is coming all the way from Tucson, Arizona in her RV6 for 3 nights.

Cathy's RV6

but Cathy’s also got one of these…..

Love the Pitts but I'd pick the RV6 for this long cross-country too!

Sydney Barnes from Williston, TN is coming in Friday for one night.

Sydney Barnes and her grandpa

Sharon Tinkler from Tullahoma, TN is flying in Friday in her Luscombe NC1594B.

Luscombe N1594B

Kathy & Steve Devine are flying in Friday from Pennsylvania in their Maule MX7.

Sorry, I don't think Sarah from Flying Wild Alaska's going to make it!

Bill & Yvette Tracy from Eastern Ohio are flying in Thursday in their Supercub.

Bill & Yvette Tracy

Donald Jacks & daughter Becky are flying in from Ringgold, Georgia

Lots of Supercubs coming!

Lee I. Lane is flying in from Valparaiso, Indiana in N9277K, a 1947 Stinson 108-2.

Lee Lane's beautiful 108-2

Stacey Harry is flying in Saturday for the day in a Varga. (No picture)

William Dismukes is flying in Friday from Dahlonega, GA in his Rans S7 with a lady taildragger pilot.

Will's Rans S7

And his great looking panel…..

S7 Panel

Wayne & Kathy Norris are planning on flying in Saturday in their homebuilt Express.


Mike & Patty Sisemore from OK18 are flying their CubCrafters Top Cub in on Friday.

Mike & Patty's!~

Well, more registered but we’re out of time. Come to Savannah, TN later this week and join the crowd. It’s going to be a very good time! Check the weather and if there’s anything out there, sit on the ground and wait it out if you need to. Fly smart and have a safe flight everyone!!




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