Instructions to Contributors: Logging into Admin and Creating New Blog Posts

Instructions to Contributors for logging into Admin and creating a new blog post

Login as usual with your Username or E-mail and Password. ↓

In the upper left of your screen look for LadiesLoveTaildraggers.

Here’s what I see on my laptop when I’m logged in as a Contributor.

You’ll then be directed to your personal Dashboard page. This is what all Contributors should see. ⇓

To create a new post click on Posts, then Add New which directs you to this screen.

Write your article here. Start at the top by adding your Title then move down to the open area and begin writing your post.

If you like you can switch back and forth between Visual and Text (HTML) using tabs to right.

Paragraph pull down selects your type font. The default “Paragraph” works fine. Use the B to bold text as necessary.

Play around with all the options in the selection bar. You won’t hurt anything and you can always delete it rather than Submit, if you’re just exploring and testing.

To add pictures, insert your curser where you want your picture to appear in your article. Click the Add Media button.

I selected this picture from my laptop picture folder, Medium size, and inserted it here.

Upload as many pictures as you like, the more the better. Build your story around them for maximum interest.

In the upper right of your screen you can Save Draft or Preview as often as you like. Once you’re happy with your post just hit the “Submit for Review” button.  That’s it. You can’t hurt anything so test it out, play with it and have some fun!


All posts will be reviewed before publishing and will be tweaked for visual, site conformity. Punctuation and spelling errors will be corrected but your message will not be changed.

Please be patient and give WordPress a little time. Sometimes it’s quick to respond, other times you might have to wait 30 seconds or more. (I’m working on speeding that up!) If you get this message, just click Wait.

For anyone new to WordPress, the one thing I recommend doing before Submitting for Review is switching from Visual to Text. Copy the entire HTML text you’ve just created and paste it in a Word document somewhere.  That way, there’s no chance you’ll lose it and you can always retrieve it and paste it back in.

OK, you now have the very basics of creating a new post on the LadiesLoveTaildraggers website. It took a whole lot of effort to get this “barely able to blog” lady to this point. I have my fingers crossed that our members will take full advantage of this opportunity, become a true part of our niche community, and add new fun and new life into the LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ experience.