International Women Air & Space Museum

International Women Air Space MuseumI recently received an email from a trustee of the International Women’s Air & Space Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m passing on her message in this post because…

  • You might have photographs or documents you’d like to share or preserve
  • The museum looks like a perfect fly-out opportunity for our LLT group some summer weekend. If you agree, please leave a comment!

International Women Air Space photo

Check out their website for more information, International Women Air & Space Museum.

Dear Lady Taildraggers:

I was recently researching Florence Gunderson Klingensmith and found your website. You have a wonderful repository of pictures and information.

I am a Trustee with the International Women’s Air and Space Museum, Inc. ( and I do research for IWASM. I am looking for photos and information and articles on women pilots, parachutists, and generally women in aviation around the world.

If you need a safe place to put original photos, the International Women’s Air and Space Museum has a secure and archivally protected respository for pictures and papers.  You can write to Cris Takacs our Collections Manager to ask about our protected archives.


Susan Schulhoff Lau

IWASM Trustee

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