Into the Cascade Valley

The view from our RV7 on our flight around the perimeter continues to impress us. Yakima, Washington to Cascade, Idaho took us from brown hills to high, green ridged mountains. Although we flew over and around some significant terrain, the route we chose always had a highway within view: piece of mind.

Made it to U70 Cascade, Idaho!

We flew across some beautiful, rugged country getting here and I am loving what we’ve found.

We crossed the Snake River which defines the border between Oregon and Idaho, with just one last ridge to clear before the Cascade Valley.  Our altitude, 9000′ to clear the ridge. The Cascade Valley is huge and much larger than either of us expected.

Pattern altitude for U70, Cascade Airport, is 5700′ and rather than dive bomb our approach  we used up the excess altitude in a descending tour of the valley.

We’re here at Cascade to attend Christina Tindle’s Women Wise AWEsome Adventures event for women pilots. Check out details at

Christina Tindle & Amber Phillips


Christina Tindle and Lisa Martin

I was tickled to be the Day 1 guest speaker at this great event. The topic: LadiesLoveTaildraggers a.k.a. Gals with Gumption!  Now that was fun. 😉

Backcountry pilot and PA12 owner, Wendy Lessig. Wendy was one of three ladies I highlighted in my discussion about our lady taildragger pilots and ‘Gals with Gumption’.

We’re staying at the Birch Glen motel in Cascade and I couldn’t agree more with “Mom”!

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