Introducing a daughter to the wonderful world of aviation!

I’d like to introduce you to college student Alicia Brenhag and her dad Jeff Brenhag, and welcome them to Ladies Love Taildraggers. You’ll realize as you read the following comments that it was Jeff who sent in the info about his daughter Alicia who is not yet a pilot. Jeff  flies out of Winsted (10D) & Hutchinson (KHCD) in Minnesota and is passionate about aviation and anxious to pass that love on to his daughter. 

From Jeff: I went to the link and filled in what I could for her. I’m hoping this will help inspire her and show her many of the facets of aviation available for young adults and women.

Aria,the hot air balloon!

This is my daughter Alicia who is presently a sophomore at the University of Minnesota. I have been flying since I was 14 and have been slowly introducing her to the amazing world of aviation so as not to scare her away. My friend Marv took her flying in his Champ which he’s been flying for 39 years.


When she’s not so busy at school maybe I can get her to slow down and obtain her license. She’s an accomplished scuba diver at present and I think the hot-air balloon and sailplane should be next.

Alicia in Grob 102

Alicia helps with our hot-air balloon “Aria” when she’s not super busy doing college activities. She wants to fly my Harmon Rocket, but that will take some time before that will ever happen.


I’m hoping this website will inspire her more and that she will see other ladies doing what they love and that aviation is a passion and a hobby just as much as it is a career choice.

Thanks sooooooo much!

Jeff Brenhaug

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  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 10:01h, 19 December Reply

    Be inspired Alicia! It’s kind of hard at first, if you’re like me, to look around and not see other women. I often thought, “What am I doing here? Do I really belong in this place?” But through this blog and some subsequent gatherings of women pilots, I realize that I’m not alone and this (flying…anything) is a great place for me to be. There is no special male gene required…women can love the freedom of flight too 🙂

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