Introducing young girls to flying

This post submitted by lady taildragger pilot Lynn Gardner.

On March 7th I was pleased to participate in introducing a group of young girls to flying. Held in Ocala, Florida, we had 20 young girls attend a morning event sponsored by the local EAA chapter and coordinated by CarolAnn Garratt. The group each flew a young eagle flight, did a preflight, had a ground school session and took a tour of the tower. It was a very busy morning.

Lynn Gardner

Lynn Gardner

I am very pleased that 3 of the 5 aircraft giving the rides were flown by Lady Taildragger pilots. Not all are members here, but I’m working on it.

CarolAnn Garrett

CarolAnn Garrett who also owns a Rans S7

Next year, it would be great if ALL pilots came from our group. I will keep March 6, 2016 open and I hope you will as well.

Lynn Gardner

Please leave a comment if you would like to be part of Lynn’s 2016 Women of Aviation Worldwide Flight Day.

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