Is it time to FLY to a fly-in this weekend?

Is it time to FLY to a fly-in this weekend? You bet it is!! I’ve got a pancake breakfast on for Saturday and Lee Bottoms Airport’s “Sinful Sunday” (i.e. DELICIOUS home made ice cream sundaes) on for Sunday. All I need is some VFR and I’ll be ready to go! In the summertime I figure anything that needs to get done better be done before the weekend ’cause there’s an airplane in the hangar that won’t be happy unless I’m in it!

A fly-in's a good place to be as Diana & Wendy are proving

I’ve weighed the options many a time; clean toilets, vacuum, dust or …. fly? hmmmm? FLY!! Grocery shop, make dinner, bake petits fours or fly? hmmmmm? FLY! Seems like there was a time way way back when I would actually debate about it but that hasn’t happened for years now. Life is short, summer’s shorter and we only get this day once.

Judy, Yvette & Bill

All fly-ins may not be as lush as OK18 but that’s OK, it’s about the people and the planes anyway! This next guy’s raising the youngins right flying a Consolidated Vultee STOL, great family fun!!

Fly-ins are a family event!

Of course it’s best if you actually FLY to them but when that’s not possible, load up the car, bring your friends and family and head for the nearest one.

You can get there in a car - but why!

What I love about fly-ins is that they’re NOT airshows!! Airshow’s are a spectator sport! Fly-ins are about you and me, your airplane and my airplane. They happen at a slower pace where you’ve got time for conversation and time to meet new people. See interesting airplanes. Talk to the pilots. Share their excitement and listen as they gush stories about the airplane they love!


And some people still think girls don’t like to fly?!?! Take a look at this next picture and tell me that ladies don’t love the guys that like to fly with them!!

A cozy Steve & Laura Johnson

So please don’t waste your weekends away. There’s a gazillion fly-ins this year waiting on you. They’re in every po-dunk little town across America and beyond. You’ll find no strangers there, just free spirited, like minded aviators who’ll be happy you came.


There’s a whole lot of fun waiting to happen to anybody that’s ready to fly! Have a great summer everybody!

Mel, Laura and Freye Shiller with the big Pitts 🙂

If you’d like to see a whole lot more OK18 taildragger fly-in pictures check out the link Mike Sisemore forwarded from his personal collection

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 09:01h, 13 June Reply

    The hard part is trying to choose which direction to fly every weekend.

  • Susan
    Posted at 12:04h, 10 June Reply

    What Tina said!!!!

  • tina thomas
    Posted at 11:41h, 10 June Reply

    Lady you said alot!! Why is it so hard to get away from everyday chores to go flying? I’m just getting it figured out finally..leave everything else and go!! Easier said than done, but hearing you say what we are all thinking and acting on it are truly inspirational for me to prioritize better. Is it because we feel guilty about having so much fun?? Time to follow your lead Judy and “Just Do It.” Thanks for being a great “role model” girlfriend!!

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