It’s already Thursday at AirVenture!

If you know me you know I’m not a camper loving person so I always stay at the University of Wisconsin dorms. Bus transportation is cheap ($1.50) fast and frequent. Normally its hot as heck here but this year it’s much cooler and actually comfortable. So much so that most of us in the dorms are sleeping better than ever.

With all the good sleep I should be refreshed and perky enough not to make this mistake. I quickly grabbed an aerosol bottle off my shelf and sprayed my whole body down. I thought it seemed a little sticky but pressed on.

About the time I had a nice coat I realized it wasn’t my sunscreen bottle at all – it was my hairspray bottle! 🙂

It’s OK though. I’m sticky free now and will soon be on a bus, excited about another great day at AirVenture!

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