It’s Official: The 2010 Lady Taildraggers Fly-In a Success!!

It’s hard to pick just the right picture – the ONE picture that says “We’re lady taildragger pilots and we beat the weather gods! We beat the 95+ degree heat! We wormed our way around rain showers and thunderstorms and poor visibility! We flew our taildraggers into Moraine Airpark and, even though you could cut the heat & humidity with a stick, we got there and we had a great time!”

Terri Hull flew in early Friday from Portland, Indiana in her Cessna 140

Between Friday & Saturday, eleven women were able to fly in to Moraine and at least another ten lady taildraggers came by car! In spite of the hottest mid-August weather in central Ohio in 22 years, rain showers and thunderstorms while coming to and from, the fly in was a success! Unfortunately, several other gals had planned to fly in but just couldn’t make it because of the weather.

Hella Comat flew in from Ontario in her Pitts S1T

We lined ’em up as they came and went….

Looking Good!

Because of weather issues it wasn’t possible for all of us to be together at the same time – gals were coming and going depending on the weather in their area.  So same with their taildraggers.  We just snapped pictures of who we could – when we could!

And looking really good!

Kathy Norris was the second lady taildragger registered on this website!  She & her husband built their Rans S7 and fly it off their grass strip in east central Indiana.  With rain and thunderstorms popping up all over the place, they stayed for breakfast and then got on their way.  It was fun seeing them for a short time!

Kathy Norris flew her Rans in Saturday morning

The Happy Champ with some of the gals!

There was a lot of walking around, admiring, yakking & posing going on!

And taildraggers continued to land….Shannon & Chuck flew in from Tennessee in “Songbird”!

Shannon Gallagher flew in Friday with Chuck Avon in their 1940 BL65 Taylorcraft, “Songbird”.

We all loved it when we looked up and saw a pair of Pitts in the pattern!  Natallie McHaffie and Hella Comat flew down together Friday afternoon from Ontario, Canada.  We were happy to have them with us Friday night and Saturday morning but with lousy weather building up north, they had to depart Saturday morning.

Nat McHaffie (center) flew in from Etobicoke, Ontario Canada in her Pitts S2A-E

You got to love those t-shirts!

Hanging out in the hangar – trying to escape the heat!

There’s lots more show & tell coming so please check back the next few days!  More lady taildragger pilots, more amazing taildragger airplanes, more food and fun pictures and more truly incredible formation flying pictures are all coming.   I’m going through mine and people are sending me theirs.  If you were at the fly in and have any you’d like to see posted, please send them in!

Next generation lady taildragger trying out the controls of Lorrie Penner’s 8KCAB Decathalon !!

  • Judy Birchler
    Judy Birchler
    Posted at 16:46h, 16 August Reply

    We had some staying over both Friday & Saturday nights. 3 campers, two of which ended up in a hotel at 3:00 a.m. to escape the heat. They were troopers and stayed over till Monday. Probably 12 or 14 overnighters at the hotel between both nights – some of ’em were the guys we brought along to carry our luggage and refuel our planes though!!

  • Robin Hadfield
    Posted at 16:29h, 16 August Reply

    Hella, were you at Centralia in 1980 –
    Cdn National Aerobatic Championships?

  • Robin Hadfield
    Posted at 13:07h, 16 August Reply

    It looks like I missed a fun day… we had the same weather up in Ontario on the Sat and Sun.
    We were able to leave the airshow in Tillsonburg ON and just get back to our home base before the rain started to seriously come down.

    How many stayed overnight?

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