Jamie MacDonald (Canada)

Jamie MacDonald is based at CYZF, Yellowknife Airport, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Jamie MacDonald DC-3 Check out

The love started off with the knowledge of my great-grandfather being in active duty during WW2 on the Avro Lancaster Bomber, as a rear gunner.

Avro Lancaster WWII Bomber

Ratings: CPL, MIFR, ATPL, Taildragger

Aircraft flown: c172, c182T, Piper Seminole, Gipps Aerovan, C-46, L-188 DC-3

Dream taildragger: Avro Lancaster

Thoughts on taildragging: I feel that they are such a substantial way to fly an aircraft. After now being checked out on what is considered a “heavy tail wheel time aircraft”, there is no other way that I would want to do my career.

Jamie MacDonald, 1st Officer, Buffalo Airways

Jamie MacDonald, 2017

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