Jamy Spradlin (Texas)

Jamy Spradlin is based at 3F9, Mineola Airport-Wisener Field, Mineola, Texas.


My home airport is 3F9, Wisener Field in Mineola, Texas. My licenses include: Commercial, Multi Eng, Instrument, Sabre 65 Type rating, A&P, IA and a tailwheel endorsement. I have an aircraft maintenance shop at 3F9. I’ve been in aviation since I graduated high school in 1984. I owned a Cessna 150TD, a Piper Arrow and currently own an experimental aircraft called a Dragonfly. I equally enjoy flying and aircraft maintenance.


If you want a wonderful lunch, fly into 3F9 to enjoy one of the many restaurants in Mineola. I would be happy to meet you and give you a ride into town.

Jamy Spradlin

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