Jan Oreck (Louisiana)

Jan Oreck is based at (MS88) Oreck Airport, Poplarville, Mississippi and (KNEW) Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jan Oreck

So happy to see other lady taildraggers!! My husband wanted me to learn how to fly in a “real airplane” so he bought me a Super Decathlon. Am I a lucky girl or what!!! We are based in the New Orleans area with hangars at Lakefront (KNEW) and our farm (MS88) which is near Poplarville, MS. I currently serve as Chair Chick for the New Orleans chapter of the 99’s. We have a very active chapter, getting together for regular chapter meetings and our annual Top Gun slumber party in November. 

While learning how to fly I was advised that I needed to name my airplane. As is turns out, the tower provided me with the perfect name…ATC kept referring to me as a de Havilland which was of course close but not correct. Since she is a Decathlon, her name is Olivia…Olivia Decathlon.

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