Jane Wicker (Virginia)

Jane Wicker is based at Warrenton, Virginia and flies her newly restored, prized Stearman, “Aurora”.

I have been flying since 1989.  I’m a commercial pilot with my multi-engine and instrument ratings, but my true love has been aerobatics and my tail draggers.  I used to fly competitions in a clipped wing Tayler Craft and a CAP-21.  Then I transitioned to the Stearman.  I am also a professional wing walker (since 1990).  I recently bought a freshly restored 450 HP Stearman that I’ve named Aurora.  I am the only female in North America that owns the airplane, walks the wings and flies it as well.

My “new baby” just arrived last Friday.  This monster show Stearman is unlike any other on the airshow circuit.  Aside from her one of a kind paint design, it is her modifications that set her apart from any other airshow Stearman.

Aurora is built with all new Douglas Fir spars and Stika Spruce wood.  She has a complete inverted fuel and oil system, an extra flying wire, all new bird cages, all new sheet metal, a stainless steel firewall, all new stainless steel cables, and all control bearings, pulleys, cables and hardware are new.  The wings have 4 equal span ailerons with servo tabs on the bottom.  The crowning jewel is the 450 Radial engine with steel cylinders instead of chrome, and it is equipped with an AirFlow Performance fuel injector and customized duel stack exhausts.  Aurora was restored by Jim Carlson and Ryan Dulas.

You can visit Jane’s website at www.wingwalk.org.

  • April Gowen
    Posted at 12:18h, 23 July Reply

    Hi Jane! I got to see your new baby at the Flying Circus this past Sunday. She’s beautiful! Congrats!

  • April Gowen
    Posted at 09:05h, 11 July Reply

    yeah, after seeing you on here, I googled your name and saw a lot of wing walking pics. That’s great!! What an inspiration! I haven’t been over to the county airport in a couple months, (I usually just fly out of the airpark or the circus), but next time I do, I’ll be on the lookout! Take care and have fun!

  • April Gowen
    Posted at 22:40h, 09 July Reply

    Oh, and by the way, Aurora is awesome. One of my dreams is to be able to take the controls of a Stearman!

  • April Gowen
    Posted at 22:36h, 09 July Reply

    Hi Jane. I was really surprised to see that you are from Warrenton as I too am from the area. I’m a student pilot and joined this group to try to network with fellow flyers. Do you know Chuck Tippett? He’s my instructor. Are you related to Kirk Wicker? It’s a small world!

  • Susan
    Posted at 23:54h, 04 July Reply


    Welcome to LLT!!! Wow! Aurora is beautiful! Great video and I know you must be ecstatic! There’s nothing like flying an open cockpit bipe!!! Congrats and hope to see you around soon! Be sure to come to the fly-in!!!


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