Janet Thomson (Utah)

Janet Thomson is based at 42U, Morgan County Airport, Morgan, Utah.

Janet In The Duo

I have been engaged in aviation most of my life. I owned (in partnership) Boise Air Service, in Boise, Idaho, for several years. I have also owned (with my husband), a commercial glider operation, two aviation fuel companies and a aviation maintenance and restoration company. Worked a few years as a flight attendant. I received my Private Pilot license in September 1971.

My hobbies include scuba diving where I am a certified Master Diver and Rescue Diver. I hold Multilevel Diver, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Boat Diver and Underwater Naturalist specialties. I am a certified Keel Boat Captain on sailboats and hold a Technician License in ham radio. I like to shoot trap and skeet, shoot rifles and pistols, and go pheasant and grouse hunting. I like fly fishing, troll fishing, picking huckleberries, camping, trail riding on our ATV’s and in our UTV and horseback riding. I like traveling and enjoy spending the winters in our home in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, and the summers in our mountain cabin on Cascade Lake in Idaho, and of course flying.

Ratings: Private Pilot Single Engine Land

Aircraft flown: C-150, C-172, C-182, C-206, Cherokee 180, Ercoupe, J-3, Super Cub, Taylorcraft, Citabria, Fairchild 24, C-195 and DC-3. Sailplanes include Schleicher KA-7, Schweitzer 2-32, 2-33 and Schemp Hirth Duo Discus. I have also done free fall skydiving and hot air ballooning.

I have my dream taildragger. Turbo Cessna 195

Taildraggers are challenging and fun to fly. Besides, they look cool!

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