Janna Greenhalgh (Idaho)

Janna Greenhalgh is based at KMAN, Nampa Municipal Airport, Nampa, Idaho.

I’ve moved to Idaho from Rhode Island and am having a ball at a new job flying great planes.  This past summer I had a great cross country trip bringing my little PA-12 with my tiny 6.5 pound dog out to a new roost.  Now it’s work and play in southern Idaho! I even grabbed a chance to spend the night at Jana Field in Wisconsin on the way out for name’s sake.  Great people there if anybody is passing through.

The first is a shot my husband took of me in front of the Maule.  Note the bristling antennas we use to locate radio collared animals.

Following my dream and doing natural resource flying I’ve been all over Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming in a beautiful M-7 and C-185 for Owyhee Air Research.   Here are a couple pictures from work.  It’s a tough job, but I suppose someone has to do it!

Grand Teton

This snapshot I took while on survey near the Tetons.  Pretty awesome country!


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Janna Greenhalgh

I feel very fortunate to be able to fly every time I climb into a plane.  Of the variety I have been given to regularly fly for fun or work, it is my lemon yellow PA-12 that I am most fond of.

My plane in the shop with Tiger.  The hanger cats do a good job keeping the mice out of the hanger, but don’t forget to preflight for sleeping cats before leaving.

I was given the chance to try out a Pawnee.  Murray generously offered to let me take the overpowered work plane up.  Arlene smiled and reminded me that she needed it the next day for banner towing so I “better not break it.”  The photo was taken as I did a pass over the runway getting a feel for its characteristics prior to landing. Wonderful people on a fine day!

  • doc hodder
    Posted at 05:44h, 09 May Reply

    the sky was blue…the sun was shining….white fluffy clouds dotted
    the distant horizion…I was pulling my jeep into the thew little grass airstrip, that old familiar feeling came over me ….as i rounded the bend my aircraft drifted into view …..and seemed to sense my
    arrival … at long last the work week was over and i could relax and be who i really was…a simple pilot given a set of wings …i thank my God for allowing me to live out my dream….I am so thankful that each day is filled with thoughts of endless flights…the sheer joy of feeling the shackles of gravity giving way to weightlessness!!!
    Hope your flights are endless ….and the wind give your wings the lift to fly over tall mountains!! Remember my worst day flying….Beats my best day at work!!!!

    • Michael
      Posted at 10:04h, 28 May Reply

      Glad you are having fun. When did you move to ID? Is Bruce around?

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 07:35h, 18 January Reply

    Neat. maybe I’ll run into you some day. My husband and I do telemetry work and game surveys and other stuff in WY.

    • Janna
      Posted at 23:02h, 18 January Reply

      Fantastic! I’ll keep an ear out for you. I’d love to hear some of your tales. Where are you based out of? This summer I hope to do some fun flying with my husband. The Yellostone area is high on our list.

      • Lisa Martin
        Posted at 09:30h, 19 January Reply

        We are based in Worland but don’t spend a lot of time here. Do call if you happen through though. You never know. We’ve spent lots of time flying over and around Yellowstone, but haven’t actually landed at that lake at West Yellowstone. I’ve thought it might be a fun airplane camping destination, but I’m going to have to find some ladies to meet there because my husband thinks it is far from backwoods enough for him to camp at.

        • Janna
          Posted at 13:56h, 19 January Reply

          Psudo back country is right up my ally right now. My husband would love a cushy camping trip too. High wings are the best for camping. I’ve got a new tent to try out too. I bought it last year with the size of the wing in mind when my 20+ year old NorthFace finally gave up.

          • Lisa Martin
            Posted at 09:32h, 20 January Reply

            Are you on the LLT facebook page? It’s a little easier to keep in touch there, as we get into camping season. There’s a couple ladies in Utah that like to fly out and camp too.

  • Posted at 09:02h, 27 February Reply


    I sent Sue and email and told her about you… 🙂 I hope that maybe I can get her to come out for the LLT flyin… she would love that as well!

    We will definitely have to keep in touch about OSH — We don’t take the Wacos up any more… we find we spend most of the time worried about the planes, worried about the weather… and at least with the car — I can get out for some good coffee in the morning! We still camp with friends in the Antiques tho — same spot every year 🙂 Hope to see you there if not sooner!

  • Janna
    Posted at 13:04h, 20 February Reply


    Yes! Please encourage your friend Susan to track me down. I’m not hard to find as I work for several of the people at the Westerly airport patching together a living- charters, pumping gas, banner towing or whatever. I would be glad to introduce Susan to some flying. Any excuse to go flying!

    It looks like I’ll all but living here this summer with work so drop by when you come out and say hi! I do hope to take my bird to Oshkosh this year for it’s first trip. (unfortunatly, OSH will win over Broadhead to meet with old friends).


  • Susan
    Posted at 20:07h, 14 February Reply

    Hey Janna!

    Just up the road from the Airport on Dunns Corners Road is a horse farm…which is where I used to live! My friend Tim and his girlfriend Jan live there now. I used to ride my horse down to the beach all the time! Unfortunately, I never flew while I was out there.

    I have a dear friend who LOVES flying and she lives in Watch Hill — Susan Gavitt is her name and I so want to get her hooked up with flying! She loves it! I have friends in Stonington and a few other places there… mostly horse people that I knew when I was boarding horses back then. I hope to get out there for a few days this summer… we’ll have to get together!

    I’ve been watching all the snow out there this year… man it was brutal for you all! Spring is around the corner so hang in there!

  • Janna
    Posted at 10:22h, 13 February Reply

    Hi Susan,

    Well, that opens up the quesitons. Who do you know here in the area? When did you fly around here? The woman I hope gets on this blog currently has a horse that is costing her flight time. A tough balance to be sure.

    Westerly has been a snowy place to fly this winter. We have had a couple storms of a foot or so that have kept flying a little slower than normal. I guess Montauk isn’t even plowing right now. Unfortunatly, we can’t count on the snow enought to play with skiis.

  • Susan
    Posted at 17:38h, 12 February Reply


    Well it’s great to see an LLT from my old stomping grounds of Westerly, RI!!! How cool! Still have lots of friends back in Westerly and my old horse farm is still there too! Too bad I wasn’t flying when I lived there! Love your plane!

    Welcome to LLT!!!

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