JD Kang (California)

JD Kang is based at KCNO Chino Airport, Chino, California.

J D Kang

JD Kang

I love vintage and antique planes. I’ve been training for just under a year and have logged over 50 hours. The aircraft I have time in range from primary trainers and vintage biplanes to modern Cubs and the Aircam – over 25 distinct aircraft ranging over 80 years of aviation history.

IMG_20150606_185714However, my true love is the Stearman!! It was my first small plane ride and is still the one I fly the most! I also volunteer for many aviation groups and events, particularly those involving warbirds.

IMG_20150523_130058Outside of aviation, I’m a geologist at Caltech’s NASA-JPL specializing in mineralogy. I hope to eventually go into meteoritics and off earth mining.

JD Kang

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