Jean O’Cuilinn (Texas)

Jean O’Cuilinn is based at E38, Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport, Alpine, Texas.

Jean’s Super Decathlon

When I had about 30 hrs or so as a student pilot I went to take some aerobatics at Debbie Rihn-Harvey’s place in La Porte, TX in 2004. We flew a Super Decathlon and from that point on I decided that one day I wanted to get one of my own. In the meantime I bought a Cessna 152 and finished my ratings up through CFI (just this past January) and still have that plane and am using it to now train my students. Just soloed my first student last Thursday evening! I took more acro lessons off and on in a Pitts and Super Decathlon and eventually flew w/ a CFI out near El Paso in the plane that you see posted here – 102GD.

He needed to sell it and my husband encouraged me to go for it so we bought it! I’m now in the process of learning to fly her and LAND her (without screeching inside each time) and am having a great time. Frankly, I’m still working on wheel landings in Rosy (the SD).  I’m just jeeky about it – afraid of a prop strike mostly.  But, it’s getting better.  I’m fine in the middle of the air 🙂 ! A friend of mine told me about this web site and when I checked it out last night I thought I’d better register and join in the fun.

My planes both have names. The C152 is Julie and the 8KCAB is Rosy- short for LaRosa which stands for “loops and rolls on Sunday afternoon”. I like acro but I don’t think I’ll ever compete. Might go help with a competition as a volunteer some day though. My friend Jeff is the Pres. for the chapter in Austin and they host the Llano Hammerfest each year.

Jean & friend Jeff with his Sukhoi 29 getting ready to go do some acro.  He asked: so, what do you want to do today…….   my reply: stuff I can’t do in the Super Decathalon – so we did torque rolls, tail slides and even a lomcevak which was something to see.

The picture  was taken when he came out to Alpine and I got to go fly with him in the Sukhoi. Just added that in because I don’t have a picture of me w/ Rosy and well, the Suk is a tailwheel aircraft and I flew it- sure haven’t landed it though. HA.

I’m seriously considering flying Rosy up to McCall Idaho next summer to take the Mountain Canyon Flying seminar. Doubt I’ll use her for the backcountry strips – I’ll probably fly the Super Cub and that will mean that I’ve gotten to fly another tailwheel plane.”

Jean O’Cuilinn

  • Jeanne MacPherson
    Posted at 18:24h, 18 September Reply

    Congratulations on your beautiful Super Decathlon!

  • Jean
    Posted at 12:32h, 13 September Reply

    Maybe I can plan the timing so that I can do both! Since I’ll be in the area anyway and it’s about 1100 NM from here.
    My email is Can you send me more info about it and what y’all did?


    • Lisa Martin
      Posted at 12:25h, 14 September Reply

      Hopefully Christina Chapman will see this. She’s the organizer, out of McCall, ID. There have been several posts about next year here on LLT and pictures from this summer. If you are on facebook, I have a whole album. But Judy’s posts here on LLT are a wonderful conglomerate of all our pictures and tell the story better than just mine.

      • christina chapman
        Posted at 19:49h, 17 September Reply


        Thanks for your constant support of WWAA. Love your enthusiasm and look forward to your energy there next summer! I’m going to check out your Facebook…

    • christina chapman
      Posted at 19:46h, 17 September Reply


      Hello! I’m Christina Chapman and I live in McCall Idaho. I fly an American Champion Scout in the Idaho and Montana backcountry and presented the first Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure out of Smiley Creek, Idaho July 2011. It was HUGE success. TONS OF FUN and information. If you would like, I can email you last year’s brochure to give you an idea of content and when 2012 is completed, get that to you as well. Basically WWAA is about women’s strengths and talents that we offer to aviation and how to enhance them to benefit our individual flying and confidence. 2012 dates are July 16-19 for Level I and July 19-22 for Level II + for those returning from last year AND those from 2012 Level I that wish to roll over into the advance level and get more out of the symposium. In Level II+ we build from Level I and it is all fresh content individualized to each participant’s needs. There were 12 participants last year from 9 states and they all expressed strong interest in returning this summer. You can’t imagine the bonding and learning that each developed. Backcountry aviation instruction is optional (VERY POPULAR) and is catered specifically to the needs and ways of women. I actually worked for McCall Canyon Flying Seminars for 3 seasons in a row utilizing my sport psychology background and it offers lots of great instruction. The WWAA differs in that it is tailored for women, by women, using the state of the art educational, psychological, motivational, and research. And much more affordable. You can’t imagine the fun and boost the women flyers had touching down at this or that backcountry airstrip sharing rides in each other’s plane or with instructors, all women, and folks noticing and cheering them on. The word spread fast and it was out that There’s lots of women flying the backcountry having the best time.” Soon, on my website, I will have a You Tube video from the event done by Gail, one of the participants from Colorado. I’ll keep you posted. If you want to be on the wait list, I can add you. So far I have 15 for Level I. There’s free camping or lodging in teepees, cabins or lodge rooms. It’s a fun, bonding, learning adventure with focus and FOLLOWUP. You get your own aviation plan and begin to develop your goals on many levels and cultivate your passions while developing the best friends you’ll probably ever make. Reach me at or 208-634-9855. There is already a women from Texas on the wait list! It is the most interesting bunch of fun-loving women. Participants ranged from one working on her private license to a retired USAF pilot/instructor, and accomplished backcountry pilot, a CAP transport pilot, with ages from 15 to 75. It was an adventure in history–a first time event. Oh, and Colleen was there offering incredible massage after hours. Very fun. Please come next year. Rates and brochure will be out soon. Stay tuned!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 09:12h, 13 September Reply

    I don’t know the Mountain Canyon Flying seminar, but you could come to the Women’s Wise Airmanship Adventure in Smiley creek. The first one was this year. There’ll be another next year, in July. It was really fun.

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