Jean O’Cuilinn’s flight to Terlingua Ranch Airport

Thank you to Jean O’Cuilinn for the great pictures and information about her recent flight to Terlingua Ranch Airport!

Terlingua 1E2

This is where I flew for lunch a few days ago and is somewhere I fly to fairly frequently. The pictures are the approach to Terlingua Ranch, 1E2, Alpine, Texas.

Terlingua Ranch Airport is a dirt/rock, one way strip (because of the gradient and you have a mountain at the south end of it.) Elevation 3800′.

The pictures were taken by friend last year and show the lay of the land.

It’s about 58 NM south from my Alpine airport and is very close to the Big Bend Natl. Park.  They have live music and dancing on Friday nights too and another friend will be part of a trio of musicians offering a concert, Mozart and Dvorak, this coming Sunday evening so we might fly down for that.  It’s pretty remote.  We’d be returning in the dark so I won’t go unless it’s clear out.  🙂

Justin took this pic of me by the 152 that I use for instruction right before we left as the wind was kicking up. The wind was 30 when we got back to Alpine but it was right down the runway.

Jean's one of our Texas 'taildraggin' gals but this was C152 trip!


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  • Bill Tracy
    Posted at 17:05h, 15 March Reply

    Love the photo of the area. Have you visited any of the other dirt strips in that area? One of these days I would love to fly down and explore all the dirt strips around Lajitas & Big Bend but have been concerned about dealing with the DEA, HLS, TSA and any of the rest of the alphabet groups for flying low and landing on out of the way or rarely used strips.

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