Jeanette Hibpshman (California)

Jeanette Hibpshman is based at O52, Sutter County Airport, Yuba City, California.

Jeanette Hibpshmans4

First of all, I am married to the most wonderful guy around and we have 3 beautiful kids. My husband is an Air Force pilot and we’re hanging out at Beale AFB for his second tour here. We just bought our first plane, a 1994 Vans RV-4. I – AM – HOOKED!

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I got my license back in 1997 and after graduating high school, attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. That’s also where I met Mr. Right!

Jeanette Hibpshman

I taught mathematics for a bit for UND/Lake Region in ND before we started a family. I am now a stay-at-home Mom and I homeschool our kids. I took about a 10-year break from full-scale flying while having kids and just recently did my BFR in January. I took my daughter for her first airplane ride in February! That was the BEST!!!

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Shortly after, we purchased the -4, nicknamed “Little Trouble” and I got my tailwheel sign off in a friend’s Champ. It’s been a blast! I’m still getting to know my new bird, but always looking for an excuse to go flying now!

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