Jeanne Reed (Ohio)

Jeanne Reed is based at Antique Acres Airpark (OH65) Goshen, Ohio and flies a Stearman and a Cub.

Stearman Flight

Hi, my name is Jeanne Reed and I have been flying taildraggers since 1989.  I started my training in a Piper J5A and have about 350 hours in it.

With the Cub

I then transitioned to our Stearman in 1995 and have over 800 in the Stearman.  All except 10 hours of my logged hours are in a taildragger so I don’t know anything else.


I’m not sure I could even fly a nose wheel airplane – ha.  Learning to fly has been the most incredible thing I have ever done for myself and I hope I have several more years ahead of me to enjoy the sport.


The next picture are ladies in our new group of lady Stearman pilots. We call ourselves the Galesburg 12 as there were 12 of us who flew a Stearman at Galesburg last year for the Stearman Fly-In.

8 Lady Stearman Pilots!

For the 40th Anniversary of the Stearman Fly-In this year we plan to have a real presence!

Jeanne Reed

  • Emilio
    Posted at 19:53h, 03 September Reply

    Hi Jeanne,

    Ten years ago I read an article about you by Lane Wallace. It described how you overcame her fear of flying and became a pilot. I have never had any fear of flying in commercial aircraft and have always enjoyed commercial flying. Fifteen years ago I signed up for flight school and was shocked to learn that I was quite scared the first time I flew in a single engine trainer. I gave up after a few flights because I couldn’t relax enough during flight to actually learn anything. Are you aware of any other pilots like you? Your story gives me hope that I may still learn to fly one day. Any advice for me?Thanks.

  • Marie Spear
    Posted at 06:32h, 04 August Reply

    Hey…..I know you! Only 29 more days until we head off to Galesburg. Looking forward to meeting up with all the ladies of the Galesburg 12. Hopefully we will visit your place if we make it to Ohio next weekend. If not then, we can share a wing at GBG.


  • susan
    Posted at 22:59h, 03 August Reply

    Hi Jeanne!!

    It’s awesome to see you here!!! Can’t wait to see you! It’s been too long!!!


  • Donna Guerin
    Posted at 21:05h, 03 August Reply

    Welcome to the group Jeanne, hope to see you at the Flyin. I will be there in a J5. Donna

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