Jennifer Prins (Nevada)

Jennifer Prins is based in Reno, Nevada.

I just started flying the beginning of this year (2017). It is a dream from my childhood that I never saw through…I was busy with college, work, my son, life, etc., and put it out of my mind until I met my husband, Denny, in 2014. My husband has been a pilot for many years and encouraged me to work on getting my license. So, I took ground school classes at night through the local junior college, took my FAA knowledge test, and now I am actually flying with an instructor. Our work takes us all over Northern Nevada and California. We farm in Northern California and also work as farm and ranch real estate agents in CA and NV. Being able to fly to listing appointments, or even to our farm, where my husband has created a runway on the edge of one of the hay fields, is definitely a better and more exciting way to commute. I am planning to have my license by the end of this summer then continue on and get my tailwheel endorsement this fall. Then start saving for my super cub!

I’m currently a student pilot, but we (my husband and I) have a Cessna 180. I am almost ready to solo so I am getting there. I plan to get my tailwheel endorsement as soon as I get my license.

Aircraft flown: Cessna 180 (no take offs or landings) and Cessna 172

Dream taildragger: Super Cub

I love taildraggers because they are so much more versatile. We can land pretty much anywhere; dry lake beds, hay fields on our farm, rural Northern Nevada roads, etc. Plus, they are just fun!!

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