Jennifer Wenk (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk is based at KMRH, Michael J. Smith Field, Beaufort, North Carolina.

Jennifer Wenk 2015 new paint

“Me and my bird taken with her new paint job!” Jennifer Wenk, August 2015

Not only is the Champ’s new paint job beautiful, Jennifer looks pretty awesome in her LadiesLoveTaildraggers tshirt too!

Jennifer’s pilot profile was first posted August 2014……………..

Jennifer Wenk

I’ve always walked around facing skyward but I didn’t actually get my pilot’s license until 13 years ago, well after my kids were well established in their own lives. With the encouragement of my husband I fulfilled my lifelong dream and am ever so happy that I did! I’ve owned a Grumman AA1B for 12 years but let my medical expire a year ago. Even though my husband is a wonderful right seat, I really missed flying by myself and so purchased a 1946 Champ 7AC earlier this summer (2014) so that I can fly under light sport rules.

KMRH, Michael J. Smith Field, Beaufort, North Carolina

KMRH, Michael J. Smith Field, Beaufort, North Carolina

I currently have about 10 hours of tailwheel time and am still working on my transition with Charles Lewis at 05N in Winterville, NC. I have found the transition more challenging than I expected but the grin factor is huge! Each flight leaves me anxious to get back for more! Through Charles I have discovered a whole new and exciting world of flying to grass trips in my own backyard that I never knew existed before. I love flying taildraggers!        


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