Jessica Beauvais (New Hampshire)

Jessica Beauvais flies Champ N2505E based at Skyhaven (DAW) in Rochester, NH.

Jessica Beauvais' Champ N2505E

I am the treasurer of a local aviation club, the Yankee Ultralight Flyers (don’t let the name fool you, we are associated with all kinds of aircraft. The name is just for nostalgia at this point).  I started flying at the age of 14, soloed at 15 and got my license at 17, just two years after my father got his license, both Sport Pilot licenses. When I became interested in aviation my dad sold his ultralight and bought the Champ with a fellow club member, the secretary of the club actually. The tail number is N2505E. We are based out of Skyhaven DAW in Rochester, NH.

I love to take friends flying, in fact, that is almost the only flying I do. Either that or flying to local fly-ins with my father. Flying was something that set me apart all through high school, and now in college it’s given me a jump start. I just finished my first year at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH -close enough to home that I can visit since I lived on campus, but far enough away for me to get a taste of living away from home.  My intended major is Air Traffic Management, though many friends thought I’d be going for Flight Ops… my answer to that is simply “I fly for fun”.

Here’s a picture of me (in my new leather jacket :)  with my father in front of our Champ on the day I got my license.

Jessica & Dad

Another is an airplane flying over the top of our fly-in looking down at the field.

Overflyingt the field

There’s one of my father and I flying on our way to another airport (just a nice picture of our Champ in flight).   Another of the Champ in flight side slipping into Sanderson’s Field (where our fly-in is located).

In flight

The last is just looking down at the field from the top of the runway.

Final approach

You’ll notice best in this picture that the top of the runway is on a hill, which is the reason for the side-slip in the previous picture. It’s not easy landing there without the slip because of the hill, and then trees and power lines behind it. It is an intimidating runway, but fun as well. Beats out any roller coaster I’ve been on :).

If you’re a lady taildragger in Jessica’s area she says she would love to hear from you!  email:

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