Jessica Bower (Wisconsin)

Jessica Bower is based at KATW, Appleton International Airport, Appleton, Wisconsin.

My husband Rusty and I were lucky enough to get married at the EAA museum. The pictures were taken at Pioneer Airport.  Rusty is not a pilot, but he is very supportive of my habit and loves flying with me. The two airplanes featured are the Travel Air E-4000 and a Waco UEC.

I caught the flying bug at age 6 when my dad took me for my first airplane ride. I got my license at 19, just after starting college for aerospace engineering. I have worked as a design engineer in big aerospace and in the experimental kit world.

A little less than a year ago my husband and I bought a 7KCAB and it is an absolute blast to fly. I’m looking forward to more adventures with my airplane including some aerobatics!

Me flying my Citabria (taken by my mom from my parents’ Cherokee, flown by my dad)

Flying co-pilot for my dad

Ratings: Private Pilot SEL, taildragger endorsement

Aircraft flown: Citabria, Sonex, RV6, Piper Cherokee, Cessna 172

Favorite taildragger: At the moment, my Citabria! Other than that I’d love to fly a Lockheed Model 12

I am new to taildragger flying, but I love the challenge and the opportunity to improve my stick and rudder skills. Plus, they just look better!

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