Jessica Brooks (Kansas)

Jessica Brooks is based at 1K1, Lloyd Stearman Field, Benton, Kansas.

I am born and raised in an aviation family of about 13 or so pilots, including myself. I am working on my Private. I have around 10 hours nosewheel time but I’ve flown tons of time in tailwheel before I started my Private. I plan on owning a Super D or a Cub in the future and possibly working for Textron. I will be majoring in marketing and graphic design at Butler County Community College and I’m currently flying out of 1K1 in Kansas.

Ratings: Student Pilot

Aircraft Flown: 172, 150, 182, J-3 Cub, American Champion

Dream Taildragger: Extreme Decathlon or Aviat Husky A1-C

Why do you love flying taildraggers: Because they’re classic and traditional. They continue to make better pilots out of the lazy feet you get from nosewheel!

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